Our latest cool gadget up to 70% off & why we do this

Welcome to our first blog post! I would like to thank you all for the support over the past few months. It really does mean a lot to us.

We started this business with a simple mindset: bring the latest technology to you while saving you up to 70% on the same gadget as in big box stores!

Why do we do this? Because as a gadget lover, an engineer, and an inventor myself, I only want to spend money on what's needed. I don't want to pay premium for brands. I don't like to buy an expensive gadget from the Apple Store when I can buy a product with the same functions online, and normally, a lot cheaper. However, as doing product inventory by trade, I know that even the price that I am getting online is still a lot higher than the cost to build the product... sometimes it can be 1000% more expensive. I believe there must be a lot of people like me who love gadgets, but at the same time, want to save money. So we started this business that focuses on developing cool technologies that help our daily lives while at the same time making them much more affordable than the same product in the market place.

How do we do this? Simple, we are the maker of the product, and we sell direct to you. So we bypass stores and distributors, saving you paying 40% to a store and 15% to a middleman. This 40%+15% sometimes can easily be 70% that we can save you!

What are we doing? We start with something like a smart light bulb, and will keep building more smart home gadgets including different type of smart lights, smart power plugs, home security systems, etc. However, if you want some product that we are not currently selling, please do let us know. Your opinion will change our future development plan.

We are a small company with big ambitions to challenge the existing retail price model and to bring more affordable gadgets to you faster. But we cannot get it done without your help. Please assist us by sharing our info on social media; by telling us what you want; and if you like our products...buy our products!

Help us to help more people like you.

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