Tikteck w2 the truly affordable smart color bulb work with amazon Alexa, only $9.99

price up to 70% lower than market price

What is Tikteck voice control wifi smart bulb?

Tikteck w2 maybe the world's most affordable multi-colored Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulb. Tikteck W2 is simple, smart, voice controllable, affordable yet stylish lighting solution for the whole family. It can be controlled one by one or by group. 

With built in amazon alexa support, you can control on, off, and dimmer with voice via amazon echo or other alexa enabled devices. And, yes, you can control tikteck w2 together with other expensive smart bulbs via echo speaker.

Tikteck w2 is a 7W color led light bulb equal to 60W incandescent light bulb's brightness. so you can use it as your daily light bulb in any places and use it as party light, mood light, romantic light, wake up light, therapy light, and sleep light. 

Why Tikteck voice control wifi smart bulb?

Because it has all the smart feature you need, and cost upto 70% less than other smart bulb in the market

Risk free: delivery guaranteed, or full refund
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